Parashat Ki Thetze – Making Time for G-d

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Parshath Ki Thetze contains a number of laws on a number of different subjects. One of these is building codes. The Torah in our parshah states that one who is building a house must put a parapet around the roof to prevent falls (it was common in the Middle East to sleep on the flat roof of the house during the hot, dry summer). Similarly, if one is digging a pit, one must put a lid on it so that no person or animal could fall in and come to harm. There is a saying that safety regulations are written in blood. If there is a rule to prevent accidents, it is in place because such an accident has occurred. The Torah and Jewish Tradition are not only concerned with personal piety, but with the orderly running of society. The Torah demands that we concern ourselves not only with our own wellbeing, but with that of those around us. We are all responsible for one another, for each other’s safety and security. May we always be mindful of each other-within our families, our Beth El community and our community at large. Shabbat Shalom.Shabbat candle lighting times in Austin 7:40 PM