High Holidays 5780

TONIGHT at 7PM please join us for Kaballat Shabbat.

A host of spiritual, melodic and meaningful services.

Rosh Hashanah Sunday evening at 7 PM with apples and honey and light deserts after.

Monday from 9 AM with a kidish lunch.

Tuesday from 9 AM with a kidish lunch. Come Saturday evening after shabbat is out to help the Kidish Crew cook!

Cantor Ben-Moshe’s Parashat Hashavua:On this last Shabbat of 5779, we read Parshat Nitzavim, and it is perhaps fitting that we do so, since this parshah contains the words “Lo bashamayyim hi”-“It (Torah) is not in Heaven”. Moshe tells us over the millennia that Torah, doing what is Godly and right, is not out of our reach, not in Heaven or over the sea, but rather in our hearts. Jewish Tradition is indeed a serious spiritual discipline, and Torah does make demands on us. In fact, our Tradition has expectations for all of us that most spiritual traditions only impose on clergy or religious orders. However, these demands are not impossible-and even better, we can set for ourselves the goal to improve, even if we cannot yet reach the maximum. “It is not in Heaven”-it is within the capacity of each of us to reach our own potential, and as we begin the New Year of 5780, let us strive to reach that potential. Shereen joins me in wishing Shabbat Shalom and Shanah Tovah to all the Beth El family.

Hazzan Yitzhak Ben-Moshe

Shabbat candle lighting at 7:04p.m.

Check out the High Holiday Schedule at Beth El!

Please plan to attend children’s services with your family and note that we have babysitting! Please let us know if you need babysitting and help make a donation to pay our sweet babysitters.

IAC Austin and Congregation Beth El!

Join us to celebrate Keshet event in the Sukkah. Keshet events are for kids ages 3-8.

We will have arts & crafts, games, music, snacks and many other fun activities for Sukkot.

בואו לחגוג עם קשת בסוכה. ארועי קשת מיועדים לילדים בגילאי 3-8

יהיו המון פעילויות לסוכות: יצירה, משחקים, מוסיקה, חטיפים והרבה כיף

Sun, October 13, 2019

“And There Was no King In Israel – A Journey Through the Book of Judges”

New and exciting class presented by Cantor Ben-Moshe starting October 29. Save your spot. Free, but register early.

Please consider sponsoring a kidush lunch for the High holidays.

Huge thank you to Dani and Juliette for sponsoring Break the Fast.

Send us a note at bethelaustin@yahoo.com and we can plan to cook your favorite treats.

Thank you to our awesome Juliette and Yifat who led the honey cake baking this year for our BERS students. The BERS lovingly made honey cake for bubbies and zeidies as well as some awesome Jewish War Veterans in our community. Yesher Koach Mitzvah Makers!