High Holiday Cards!

Still need Rosh Hashanah cards?  Shabbat cards to bring with your wine bottle or flowers when you’re invited to a Shabbat meal?  A Sukkot card to thank the friends who invite you to eat in their Sukkah?  How about Sukkot cards to use as invitations when you invite others to your sukkah?  We have even added Bar/Bat Mitzvah and thank-you cards to our collection.

Get your cards from Beth El and help our children raise money for child-size tallitot, story books, and costumes for Shabbat and holiday Junior Congregation programming.

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The kids have been busy, and so have I.  Here are 55 of the designs we have created, and there are samples available at shul entrance.  No cards will be sold on Shabbat, but if you order by email, I will leave your cards in the shul in an envelope for you. Remember also that we can custom paint, draw, or create a collage.   Children’s Services Fundraiser PO 2 page, or just email me.

The kids have assembled a wish list for Shabbat/holiday children’s services:


  • child-size ark & Torah scroll (We are already dancing with and reading from our scroll!  Thanks Mr. Arthur!)
  • child-size tallitot
  • costumes for kids & puppets
  • materials for holiday crafts
  • Torah books & stories

For more info, contact  MorahBetsy@gmail.com.