How to Make Havdalah Candles

Two weeks ago, Betsy and one of the Beth El students were learning about havdalah and its blessings, so we decided to make havdalah candles.

At-home Service for  Havdalah

After several epic failures involving a toaster oven, hot wax and cigarette lighters, we were finally able to make several four-braid and four-twist havdallah candles.  To save other people from having to repeat our finger pains and mistakes, we decided to publish a simple how-to guide.

How to Make Havdalah Candles without Burning Down Your Kitchen

  • Assemble all materials:
    • a box of chanukah candles (including extras in case you make mistakes)
    • a source of boiling water
    • a disposable bowl
    • paper towels
    • matches or a lighter
    • a disposable fork
  • Boil water.
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