Bat Mitzvah Weekend

Services @ 7 PM tonight. Zoom and in person. We have Shabbat morning services starting at 9:45AM this week, as we celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of Sarah J! We hope you can join us for the beautiful Torah service. Thank you to Jeff and Diana for sponsoring the kidish. All CDC social distancing guidelines will be followed. No Sunday school as it’s Spring break.Join us Thursday evening for our Chai Mitzvah Ten Commandments class on zoom! See below. Friday Night Zoom Cantor Ben-Moshe’s Weekly Message: Shabbat Hahodesh is the Shabbat either on or preceding Rosh Hodesh Nisan. Rosh Hodesh Nisan is the New Year of the Torah. While the first of Tishrei commemorates Creation, our history as a People begins with the Exodus. Before that first of Nisan, we were a family, a clan, a rabble of enslaved people. With the commandment to start a calendar and prepare for the Exodus, we became a nation. We no longer looked to other people for holidays, but began to celebrate our own. Even though the long centuries of exile from our Land, the cycle of weeks and months and years, of Shabbatot and Festivals, has held us together. And now, with the establishment of the State of Israel, we are once again the majority in our homeland and our holidays are national holidays. It is a great privilege to live in such times. Shabbat Shalom.

השבת היא שבת החודש. שמציינת את תחילת חודש ניסן, שלפי התורה הוא החודש הראשון של השנה. ברגע שקבענו לוח השנה משלנו, הפכנו ממשפחה לעם.Hazzan Yitzhak Ben-Moshe Shabbat candle lighting time 6:20 PM

Mazel Tov to Sarah on her bat mitzvah this Shabbat morning, Saturday March 13! We are so proud of you. May you continue to be a blessing to your parents, community and the Jewish people!