Services Tonight and Tomorrow Morning

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Dear Congregants & Guests,

Please note that we have weekly shabbat services Friday November 4th at 7pm and Shabbat morning, November 5, starting at 9 am with the Torah service at 9:45 am.

Children’s services will be at 11 am.

We look forward to seeing you all and please be sure to HOLD THE DATE: November 13 at 4pm for the Beth El Annual meeting and cookout!  Don’t miss this yearly event.

This week’s parshah is Lekh L’kha, in which our ancestors Avram and Sarai (later Avraham and Sarah) first make the move to the Promised Land, the Land that would become Israel.  Avram is told by God to leave everything that is familiar and comfortable to go to a place which he has never seen.  This is the first of Avraham’s ten trials, and like the last, the Binding of Isaac, involves a great leap of faith.  Because this parshah speaks of the first ‘aliyah, going up to the Land of Israel, it is customary in Israeli synagogues to honor new ‘olim, immigrants, on this Shabbat.

May our Land and our People know peace and prosperity, on this and on every Shabbat.

Cantor Yitzhak Ben-Moshe

8902 Mesa Drive

Austin, TX 78759

Children’s Service for First Day Rosh Hashanah

Once again this year, Morah Betsy will be leading a service for 6-12 year old students on the First Day of Rosh Hashanah (Thursday 9/29/11) at approximately 10:30 AM.  We will pray, have a Torah service with the congregation’s brand new student Torah scroll, read the Torah readings in English, discuss the prayers, and blow shofar.

We will also join the adult service in the sanctuary briefly for the sounding of the shofar there.

For our prayers and Torah selection, we will using the Tiku Shofar Machzor, kindly loaned to us from Congregation Agudas Achim, and we hope to use it again on Yom Kippur.