Parashat Noach

Friday night services to inspire and reinvigorate the soul. Same time same place! 7PM with your Beth El Buddies!

Shabbat Morning services, THIS Shabbat morning, October 13, at 9 AM, with the Torah service at approximately 9:45 AM, children’s story time at 10:30 AM, and kidush lunch at 12 noon.
Please let us know if you would like to sponsor upcoming kidush lunches.

Saturday evening at the J – See below for a special Pro-Israel community event.

Sunday October 14 at 12:30 PM at Brushy Creek Park – Beth El picnic and canoeing – details below! 3300 Brushy Creek Rd., Cedar Park, TX 78613

Cantor Ben-Moshe’s Weekly Message:

This week, we are reading Parshat Noah, the story of the Great Flood, as the news reports reflect our Torah. In the past month we have seen devastating floods as a result of Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, torrential rains have caused the Llano River here in Texas to overflow its banks this past week, and now we are seeing the devastating effects of Hurricane Michael in Northwest Florida. It is all a sobering reminder that the forces of nature remain largely beyond our control. Just as Noah in our parshah, or his Babylonian counterpart Utnapishtim from the Epic of Gilgamesh, sometimes all we can do is ride the storm out. May our spiritual practice and our community help us to weather whatever storm comes our way. Shabbat Shalom.
Hazzan Yitzhak Ben-Moshe

Candle lighting at 6:45 PM

Chai Mitzvah Adult study group!
The first class was amazing.
Not too late to join.

Chai Mitzvah combines study, ritual and social action, providing the framework for a meaningful Jewish journey.

There are five components to the nine-month Chai Mitzvah experience:
Group study – meet monthly with a set curriculum

*Independent study


*Social Action

To learn more, or to join our Chai Mitzvah group, contact Shereen Ben-Moshe,

Austin Hosts Christian,Druze and Minority IDF Reservists
on Saturday, October 13 at the JCC at 8 PM.

Friends –You are invited to a very special Zionist event. Come hear these amazing men and women who serve in Israel’s armed forces!

Free and Open to all!

October 14 Beth El & Beth El Religious School Picnic & Canoeing afternoon!

Bushy Creek Lake Park 12:30 PM – bring a dairy or pareve dish to share.

Come celebrate the beginning of Fall! There will be canoes and games.

Everyone’s welcome at Beth El!
Please RSVP

Mama Mia Here we Go Again!

Monday October 22 at the home of Juliette

Join us for a potluck dinner and movie night with the Sisterhood.

Men’s Club BBQ Cookout!

Sunday October 21
CBE @ 2 PM

And for your special listening enjoyment: Fascinating Podcast by
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks:
Phone: 512-231-0266 | Email: