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Parashat B’haalot’cha and Fred’s Obit

Tonight @ 7PM! Shabbat Morning Services are this Saturday, June 22 at 9 AM, Torah service at 9:45, story time with Shereen and a delicious lunch at around 12 noon. We hope to see you and your family. Cantor Ben-Moshe’s Weekly Message. This week we read Parshat B’haalot’cha, which begins with a description of the […]

Parashat Kedoshim and Sylvia’s Bat Mitzvah

Services Friday night at 7 PM. Shabbat morning services are this Saturday May 11, and we will be celebrating Sylvia Wilke’s bat mitzvah. We wish Min Rice and her family a hearty mazal tov. Please plan to join us. Yosef will be doing the Haftarah. There will be a yummy dairy kidush right after, smoked […]

In the Sands of Sinai

Services tonight @ 7PM! We’ll light candles together just before services. Cantor Ben-Moshe’s Weekly Message. This week is Parshat Sh’mini as well as Shabbat Parah, one of the four special Shabbatot that lead up to Passover. The parshah and the maftir both deal with death-the death of Aharon’s elder sons, Nadav and Avihu in the […]